Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Mompreneurs: How to Grow Your Business When You Don’t Have Time to Wash Your Hair!

Dreamers, we have our first guest post that is not written by me, Mahlena. 😀

Please welcome Sara Millis from My Indie Life Blog!

Below, Sara explains to us Mompreneurs, How to Grow Your Business When You Don’t Have Time to Wash Your Hair!

"No time!"


It’s the one truly elusive thing we always need more of.

Let’s face it some days no matter how hard you work you barely seem to have time to cover the basics; like washing your hair, let alone planning for world domination with your killer business idea!

What if I told you that business growth is possible even at your busiest?

Ok, here’s the deal. There’s no miracle cure for creating overnight business success, BUT there IS a way to get everything you need completed, done AND take action on your dream business future... DAILY!

Here’s how that works:

Good Scheduling

Creating a good schedule can help you overcome the busiest of days, even if a kid comes home sick from school, because a good schedule is focused and flexible.

Creating a Good Schedule

I always start each year with a monthly planner, setting out my year ahead of me. I place all 12 months on a table and grab a notepad, pen, coloured post it notes and highlighter pens if I need them.
Then I start to plan.

1. Create Time Blocks to Save Time - I write done all of the basic things I need to do each week/month for my business and my lifestyle. So that’s a list of everything from; writing blog posts to taking the dog for her annual check-up.

I then look for correlations and recurring tasks, like; accounting, design time, marketing and I create ‘time blocks’ from them. Time blocks are chunks of time focused on one specific set of tasks, so for instance I usually spend up to an hour per week on accounting. By setting this up as a time blocked task, it saves me from spending 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there during my working week, which is often lengthened due to distractions like phone calls, sales, emails etc.

I recorded it once and the hour I thought I was spending on accounting actually came to an hour and a half. Whereas if I had spent focused time on accounting that week, the task would have actually taken me just 45 minutes... that’s 45 minutes I wasted by not staying focused! 45 minutes I would have had for working on the growth of my business!!

2. Routine and balance – We are creatures of habit and so when things get ‘out of control’ for us, what that really means is we feel we don’t recognise a structure, or we feel out of balance. So set yourself a daily routine. Plan to do certain actions at certain times of the day like answering emails, or making phone calls in the morning. Plan your working hours, your lunch time, your time with the kids, your date nights and work your blocks around these time zones.

3. Allow for Flexibility – The most important thing to remember is that life happens! So occasionally a sick kid WILL come home from school and mess up your book writing time, or the car won’t start and you have to wait at the garage for a spare part. If you can create flexibility in your time plan then you’ll find you will feel that you can cope better when unexpected things happen and still get stuff done.

When I have my schedule in place I start goal planning.

Great Goal Planning and a FREE Business Growth Video Workshop

There is a particular way of creating a goal plan for your business growth that I have found really works with my clients. It’s simple, focused and easy to stay on top of.

I developed a free 1 hour video workshop that will help you create your own business goal plan. It’s called ‘How to PLAN for Growth!’ and you can download it here.

Grab your FREE Video Workshop HERE!

All you need to do it pop in your email and watch the video at a time that suits you!

The key is to remember to break down your goals and tackle them within your schedule. Do you remember that time I saved by blocking out my accounting tasks? I did this with my full task list and all in all I saved myself about 15-30 minutes a day by creating more structure. I repurposed this time into my goal plan and so now daily I am able to work on pushing my business forward, as well as remembering to get my day to day stuff done.

I hope this has given you some food for thought, remember take your time and create better goals for your business. Soon your focused hard work will start to pay off, even if being a mum has you rushed off your feet!


Sara Millis is the blogger behind My Indie Life Blog at www.myindielifeblog.net

I come from a creative product background where I successfully turned my own £100 investment into a six figure business in a niche area of the craft industry. I turned over almost 7 figures in sales over 11 years.
I now teach others how to create an independent business for themselves.

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