Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Diversity does not mean 'Black', and Family does not mean 'Children'.

"The situation is a lot more nuanced than that."

A couple years ago, I was attending yet another diversity in entertainment panel, this one hosted by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media, a pioneer in the field of actually studying issues like why children's television shows have only 1 female character for every 2 male characters.

One of the panelists, veteran diversity executive Tiffany Smith-Anoa'i, stated that when addressing the lack of accurate representation on U.S. television, "Diversity does not mean 'Black.'" Meaning, you can't simply add a black character to an otherwise all-white show and declare your program "diverse." That's not how diversity works. Literally. It's insulting to black people, dismissive of all other forms of inclusion, and bad for your bottom line.

"Don't forget about us hapas of Indonesian descent!"

Similarly, when I say "family", or,  "If you want to build your family, put it on your Dream Board", I don't mean "put a baby on your Dream Board."

I mean, put the family you want on your Dream Board.

Yes, my first Dream Board included a baby. Multiple babies, in fact. My Dream Board also included a male partner But that is what I wanted for my life at the time.

This is about Your life.

If you don't want a baby, or children of any age, that is fine. Being childfree is okay with me. I support you, boo! (And I won't tell your parents.)

If you don't want a husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend or friends with benefits or no strings attached or just friends or some other mediocre Ashton Kutcher/Ryan Reynolds movie, that's fine, too.

"Our movie wasn't mediocre." 
If you say so, Omeletteville.

Building your Dream Board is about discovering and developing your expectations for your own life.

You get to construct the home and the family you want for yourself.

"I guess I could get excited about that."

Dreamers, have you put your home and family on your Dream Board? Have you already built the home and family you want for your life? Do you watch Home and Family on Hallmark Channel?

Share your home and family stories in the comments, or email me at iHaveADreamBoard@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

How to Get Your Daughter into College: Preschool Prep edition

(Originally posted on We're Going to College!. Reposted here for you Dreamers who also happen to be--or want to be--Smart Moms!)

Do you have children?

Are they in preschool?

Do you want them to go to college?

It's never to early to BE PREPARED.

For an unpredictable earthquake, you have a flashlight, batteries, bottled water in your safety kit.

For parents of 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds, and 5-year-olds, college is an earthquake you know is coming in about 13 years. Prepare now so you don't have to worry later.

Most families start thinking about college near the end of high school. So, let's work backwards.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How to Find Your Soulmate (with a Dream Board) in 3 Easy Steps

"Is this my soulmate? Maybe.
Either way, he's got to be better that Tyrese."

Hello! So you think you want a soulmate. A human companion and partner in love. Someone who doesn't complete you but compliments you.

If you want a soulmate, then you deserve a soulmate.

Here are three easy steps to Find Your Soulmate with a Dream Board.

The first two steps are questions you must answer. The third step is an action you must take.

1. What?

Take out your list.

You know the one.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

How to Build Your First Dream Board

I made a new video! As you can tell from the title of this post, and the thumbnail, it's called How to Build Your First Dream Board.

The only tools you need to build your first Dream Board are

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

How to Get Your Daughter into College (for Smart Moms)

(Originally posted on We're Going to College!. Reposted here for you Dreamers who also happen to be--or want to be--Smart Moms!)

1. Are you a Mom?

2. Do you have a daughter?

3. Do you want her to go to college?

Then we need to talk.

If you’re a mother or an auntie or a grandma or a tia or an abuelita raising a young lady who wants to go to college, you are in the right place.

If you’re wondering, “What’s the secret to getting into college?”, you’re in the right place.

I’m going to tell you the Secret to Getting into College.

Are you ready?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How to Get Anything You Want: the Be Specific edition

"We did it (despite the patriarchy excoriating our every move)!"

How do you get anything you want?

Put it on your Dream Board.

"But I did that already, Mahlena." 

 Has it worked?

"Not yet."

Then let's do something different.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Who's in Your Head?

Is it Rose's grandmother?

I recently watched Get Out, the best motion picture of 2017 until I see The Fate of the Furious.

Since the release of the movie's trailer in 2016, countless (meaning I don't want to Google them and count) thinkpieces and pontifications have been written, recorded, and distributed about multifaceted meaning of Jordan Peele's masterpiece.

Now you get to read my take, specifically as Get Out relates to Dream Boards.

"Oh, I see what you're doing."

If you haven't seen Get Out, please schedule a time to see the movie, purchase your ticket, then continue reading my post.

If you have seen Get Out, let's talk about it! Tell me your thoughts in the comments!

Back to you and your Dream Board and how it relates to the movie.

 "This better be good."